Eastman cellulose esters

Eastman cellulose esters are versatile problem solvers. Derived from a renewable resource, they enable sustainable solutions across industries.


Eastman cellulose esters

Versatility Resistance Clarity Sustainability
All Attributes

Eastman cellulose esters

Primary Shaping

  • Aqueous Dispersion (mixing)
  • Co-extrusion
  • Co-molding
  • Extrusion
  • Solvent Dispersion (mixing)


  • Chemical High
  • Fatigue High
  • Stain High


The Material

Eastman cellulose esters are versatile problem solvers.

Derived from renewable resources, Eastman's cellulose esters (Cellulose Acetate Butyl, Cellulose Acetate Propionate, Cellulose Acetate) are used across many industries. 

Quick chemistry lesson: Cellulose acetates are kind of like building blocks made from wood. They have the parent name of cellulose esters because esters is the name used when acids and alcohols are derived from a raw material. 

Historically used in photographic films, (no we are not Eastman Kodak anymore...we spun from them in the 80's) Eastman's cellulose esters also show off their unique performance attributes in many ways. 

Did you know that your wedding dress and suit lining were made with this material? Look up our acetate yarns to learn more.

Cellulose esters also enable the light orienting layer of your LCD display so that you can look at it uninhibited from the sides of your screen. 

Do you wear glasses? Some of the world's most desirable eyewear is made with Eastman's cellulose materials as they enable a high-design. From decorative inlays to good visual depth, this material even reduces plasticizer migration in the manufacturing process.

You can find this raw material in lots of coating applications! In automotive coatings, it enables faster manufacturing without compromise, giving your car its seamless shine as it comes off the line. 

In architectural coatings, reduced sag and faster dry times helps you paint your walls like a pro. 

We are even found in the semipermeable membranes in osmotic drug delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Do you have tape sitting on your desk? Well, that's us too! That's right we are the 'film' itself. We also can be found in hospital settings where hypo-allergenic materials are important.

Last but not least, these materials can be as tough as the durable goods that are made with them. From tool handles to toothbrushes, cellulose esters enable better ergonomics with their ability to take many forms while resisting the harshest of environments.