Eastman™ tire additives

Setting the standard of innovation


When it comes to keeping the durability and reliability of your vehicle’s tires, Eastman’s family of tire additives offers innovative material solutions. Engineered to deliver specific manufacturing and performance enhancements, our tire additives address a wide range of challenges. Eastman solutions can optimize the processing of rubber and improve tire durability, flexibility and appearance.

Crystex® insoluble sulfur
The premier rubber processing additive. A critical step in converting raw rubber to finished rubber is the process of vulcanization. Vulcanization is the method of treating rubber with sulfur at great heat to improve the elasticity and strength of rubber. Crystex is a polymeric form of sulfur that is a non-blooming vulcanizing agent for rubber. By being insoluble in rubber, Crystex prevents sulfur migration and, in turn, bloom which interferes with the tire building process. The use of insoluble sulfur is critical for the manufacture of quality radial tires. As the only integrated global producer of insoluble sulfur, Eastman is uniquely advantaged to offer reliable supply and consistent quality.

Eastman Impera™ performance resins
The imperative performance enhancer. As regulatory and safety standards increase, Eastman Impera™ performance resins can help tire brands deliver the desired balance of performance and safety without compromising the integrity of their manufacturing process. Impera tire additives help optimize wet grip and rolling resistance without compromising other key performance characteristics or processing. Adding even a small amount of Impera fine-tunes performance, potentially avoiding more significant formulation changes or even tire redesign.

Santoflex® antidegradants
The anti-aging solution for tires. Premature aging can occur in rubber due to ozone and/or oxygen attack which causes the rubber to degrade, resulting in reduced flexibility and shorter service life of finished parts. Santoflex antidegradants provide the solution to improve tire flexibility and service life without contributing negative effects on compound adhesion.