Gobi Bottle

Office Friendly


A trash can filled with disposable water bottles and used plastic cups is a potent symbol of throw-away society: nobody likes the waste but there isn’t much in the way of an alternative – or, at least, there wasn’t until recently.

The reusable water bottle has established a beachhead in the public consciousness, spreading from the sporting goods department into housewares. It’s a big hit with corporations keen to cut down on office waste, too. The only issue is the reusable bottle’s outdoor legacy – the design that works for hiking or the athletic club doesn’t really click between the keyboard and mouse. That’s where France-based Gobilab enters the market with its Gobi bottle, made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

The clarity and durability that make Tritan™ a great fit for the outdoors work equally well in the office, but it is the material’s aesthetic qualities that inspired Gobilab.

“We wanted to create an appealing, sustainable solution,” says Florence Baitinger, one of three Gobilab founders. “We found that existing reusable water bottles looked too sporty and outdoorsy for every day indoor, city use, so we decided to design something more attractive and appropriate for the office. The bottles needed to be transparent and lightweight — both fashionable and functional.”

In addition to its clarity and lightweight qualities, Gobilab selected Tritan™ because of its ability to retain its sparkle after repeated trips to the dishwasher. This enables the Gobi to maintain its aesthetic appeal over time.

Manufactured in France, The Gobi combines the crystal-like Tritan™ bodies with colorful bases and an insert to display a personalized ID or logo. When the body is filled, the water magnifies the image, photo or message, allowing users to differentiate their Gobi. The sturdy base also makes it easier to use The Gobi during meetings without the risk of tipping and spilling.

Each Gobi holds 40 centiliters (13.5 ounces), or the equivalent of three disposable cups. “We can replace hundreds of plastic cups per employee each year, reducing workplace waste and overhead costs,” adds Baitinger.

The urban-chic Gobi gets rid of trash-can culture while making the reusable bottle more office friendly.