Just What You Need


Even in England it’s a rare household that makes tea in an old-fashioned teapot. Most people now prefer to dunk a bag in a mug just like the rest of the world. But old habits die hard as the kettle often is filled to the top, meaning a lot of wasted time and energy goes into boiling far too much water.

Enter the Breville HotCup™: a kitchen appliance designed to quickly boil, and thanks to the variable control, dispense just the right amount of water to suit your choice of mug, small or large. No more, no less.

“Boiling too much water is a problem all the kettle manufacturers have been looking to solve,” says Stewart Gordon, industrial design manager at Breville parent company, Pulse Home Products. “HotCup™ is meant as an energy efficient, convenient and easy to use alternative to kettles – one of the biggest wasters of energy.”

HotCup™ is about as far away from traditional as it can get. Gleaming surfaces and welcoming blue illumination position it the at forefront of fashion-conscious kitchenware – which is why Gordon specified Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for the glass-like body of the HotCup™.

“The product has to be aesthetically pleasing, so using stainless steel for the metal parts made sense as stainless steel is an attractive and premium working material,” Gordon explains. “We chose Tritan™ because it is an easily molded material without the cloudy appearance of polypropylene. That higher clarity gives us the effect we want, and provides the device more of a premium feel.”

After going through a filter, water poured into HotCup™ is stored in a main hopper from which it is pulled on demand into a boiling chamber. The chamber itself, below the hopper, is functional rather than attractive, and using crystal-clear Tritan™ required Pulse to rethink the internal design of the HotCup™.

“Going for the higher clarity material required us to put a false floor into the product,” Gordon says. “The boiling chamber isn’t very attractive, and specifying the clear body material compelled us to do a nicer, albeit false, floor. What we have now is a highly decorative component and a more appealing product.”

That appeal is best shown by the LEDs embedded in the edges of the false floor. They activate when the unit is boiling, suffusing the chamber with a blue glow that radiates through the transparent body that won’t cloud or craze over time. It was, for Gordon, the final touch the HotCup™ required.


Complete Package

Modern kitchen appliances need to do two things their predecessors never did: they need to be efficient and they need to look good doing it.

The Breville HotCup™ does both. Hidden heating coils in the base boil only the amount of water needed for the perfect cup of tea. And the HotCup’s striking design combines highly-polished stainless steel with a glass-like water hopper injection-molded from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

The sparkling vessel allows Breville to showcase the interior of the device with blue LEDs that emit a warm glow when HotCup™ is activated.

“We came across Tritan™ three years ago at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago and have been looking for the ideal product in which to use it ever since,” says Stewart Gordon, industrial design manager at Pulse Home Products. “This was the first one that it was absolutely perfect for; in fact it was the properties of Tritan™ that allowed us to do it.” HotCup™ is going to sparkle in homes and offices for a long time to come.