Problem-Solving the Ice Tray

Richard & Antony Joseph


As Antony and Richard Joseph see it, they could be designing products for the bathroom or garden instead of the kitchen.

“Richard and I don't come into kitchenware as diehard chefs,” says Antony, creative director for London-based Joseph Joseph, one of the fastest growing companies in the global housewares market. “We come into kitchenware as product designers. And we've always felt that we could easily be doing bathroom accessories or gardening tools in the same way -- evaluating the problems with products associated in those areas in the home and coming up with solutions.”

One of the Joseph brothers’ favorite examples of their problem-solving approach is an ice tray they designed.

In looking at existing plastic ice trays, they found that when you turned them upside down and twisted to release the ice cubes, they all dropped out at once. So they devised a way to release the ice cubes one at a time. “You click the switch one by one and each ice cube, in a controlled manner, can be dropped into whatever receptacle you want it to be dropped into,” says Richard.

This is the last in a series of four Design Insights videos focusing on the award-winning kitchenware designs of the Joseph brothers.

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