Teastick Gems

Innovative Infusion


Tea has a celebrated history, from its legendary origin in Southeast Asia thousands of years ago, to ancient medicinal uses, traditions of “high” tea and the infamous Boston Tea Party.


According to popular myth, tea was discovered fortuitously when a Chinese emperor found that the wind had blown leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant into a pot of boiling water, and he liked the taste. Over centuries, the ritual of brewing tea and enjoying the aromatic beverage spread around the world.


Gamila Products of Raleigh, North Carolina has come up with a more deliberate way of brewing loose-leaf tea with the creation of the Teastick Gems ‒ a scoop, measuring device and infuser in a sleek, all-in-one design.


Made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, the nifty, translucent-colored Teastick Gems offer a clever alternative to the classic but clumsy infuser ball and provides optimum flow for perfect steeping, right in the cup.


Teastick Gems is following a trail blazed by Gamila’s original stainless steel Teastick. “The original Teastick has been very successful for us, marrying fine quality teas with ultimate convenience,” says Aly Khalifa, president of Gamila Products, a retail brand of Gamil Design, a product and graphic design firm.


An award-winning design, the original Teastick features an elongated shape with tiny holes, providing excellent infusion and room for large tea leaves to unfurl without escaping. “When we looked at making a Teastick for smaller leafed herbals,” Khalifa says, “our intent was to offer the same convenience as in our stainless steel Teastick, but to refresh the design using the best quality materials suited for the job.”


The high temperature capabilities of Tritan™ fit the bill for Teastick Gems, providing a fluid and simple form that belies its complex manufacturing.


“Teastick Gems are produced by injection molding Tritan™ over extra fine stainless steel mesh, encapsulating the mesh without the use of any adhesives,” Khalifa explains. “This is done with crystal clear Tritan™ that works so consistently that we decided to expose the edges of where stainless steel meets polymer, allowing our customers to contemplate a design as fine as their tea.”


Gamila’s design team liked the suppleness and innovative properties of Tritan™, noting that because it’s BPA-free and FDA approved, heat-resistant and safe for use in the dishwasher, the new polymer is ideal for housewares and food applications. “We’re proud to be one of the first companies to recognize the potential of Tritan™,” says Khalifa.


Tea has become one the world’s most widely consumed beverages, second only to water, and Gamila’s launch of Teastick Gems is timely, intersecting a current trend of increasing tea consumption in the U.S. The product’s intriguing design is intended to please tea connoisseurs, as well as entice young consumers new to the world of loose-leaf tea.


Not only does Teastick Gems meet Gamila’s company mission to create “designs that make you smile,” the unique product will likely brew its own celebrated story.